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7 Ways is a Home Fellowship Community of followers of Jesus Christ, that love the Lord and will worship, pray, study His word, fast, meditate, share & increase our faith together to improve our quality of life on earth until He calls us home.


Pastor Jaye Lindo, with loving support of her husband Brother Robert Lindo, has served for
13 years in many different capacities as a church leader in the Mennonite Community. She
began her journey as the church’s Director of Operations for a thriving congregation.

After years of faithful full time service, Jaye began her part-time season as their Youth Pastor,
PrayerMail Leader, Stephen Ministries Leader, Youth Mentor Leader and co-creator,
Pastoral Care Lead Support and as Pastoral Staff.

Brother Robert has been the wind beneath her wings as he has lovingly supported the
vision of God in Jaye’s life from the beginning.

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